tag line UCottage-Icon Universal Cottage The Perfect Place for your workshop, retreat or for the visiting therapist, psychic or medium.



Universal Cottage has gained a reputation as a place for excellent training in the field of mediumship, healing and psychic development. Hosting workshops, demonstrations, retreats and other related events. We also host nationally and internationally acclaimed mediums and psychics here for the purpose of providing additional and world class training, demonstrations, trance sessions, physical séances and a range of other events.

Universal Cottage was built for the purpose of Psychic & Mediumship development and demonstration.  Placed inside each wall in the ‘Cottage’ is a combination of crystals, giving the cottage a vibration and ‘feel’ that you can notice as soon as you enter.

Adjoining the Cottage on the one and half acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is the residence of psychic & medium Debbie B-Mewes and her family.  When you enter this space you are greeted like and old friend and made to feel comfortable.  Relax knowing that everything you need for the success of your event is taken care of.

If you are interested in coming to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, to run your workshop, conduct private sessions, do a demonstration of Mediumship,  public séance or trance demonstration, please feel free to take a look at the Hosting page to see what we can arrange for you.

Having experience in event management and hosting of international and national guests we can arrange your event here at Universal Cottage or arrange for a larger event at a Queensland resort or hotel.  Have everything taken care of so you can stay focussed on your work.



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Michaela down the river behind the property.



View from the front deck early morning.